Welcome to the Telang Usan, KuchingProudly showcasing Sarawakian hospitality

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Orang Ulu beaded art 2
Carving by Tusau Padan 3
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Midin - Jungle ferm 8

Telang Usan Hotel Kuching

星级房费 : 3.0

The Telang Usan is a family-owned and run hotel located in a lush area of ​​Kuching, and is a 10-minute walk to the Kuching Waterfront and the Main Bazaar.




Telang Usan was created with a vision in mind - to operate a Hotel whose service reflected the friendly culture of Sarawak, that showcased authentic Sarawakian art & decor while conforming to international hoteliers' standards of comfort and cleanliness.Telang Usan also aims to be a hotel that creates job opportunities for Sarawakians, offering the opportunity to train and familiarise them to the demanding standards of professionalism in the Tourism & Hospitality industry.