The Telang Usan was created with a vision in mind - to operate a Hotel whose service reflected the friendly culture of Sarawak, that showcased authentic Sarawakian art & decor while conforming to international hoteliers' standards of comfort and cleanliness, and to provide a sustainable travel company that proudly showcases Sarawak's natural beauty and precious culture.

Telang Usan also aims to be a hotel and travel business that creates job opportunities for Sarawakians, offering the opportunity to train and familiarise them to the demanding standards of professionalism in the Tourism & Hospitality industry.

Welcome to Sarawak!


We are a family-owned and run 65 room hotel in Kuching, 50 room hotel in Miri and inbound travel company in the beautiful state of Sarawak, Malaysia. 

We employ over 30 staff, the vast majority of us are Dayak and have been with Telang Usan for more than 10 years. 

We look forward to welcoming you to experience our unforgettable Sarawak hospitality!

Audry Wan Ullok-Bersales

Proprietor & General Manager

Telang Usan Travel & Tours


Our travel arm is a licensed tour operator specialising in inbound tours to Borneo. Our specialist team, BORNÉO À LA CARTE, is led by Amélie and is the ideal choice for anyone looking for authenticity and off the beaten track tours.

We mainly offer outdoor activities, avoiding repetitive tourism that inevitably degrades the ecosystem and the way of life of the ethnic peoples whose areas we visit. We strive to prepare tours that respect the environment and the dignity of the people involved in our activities; choosing mainly local suppliers, specialised in their field and with economic benefits to them.

With this ethical charter we believe that it is possible to create a kind of tourism that is not alienating while remaining accessible to all.